What is PNA and Why Is It Dangerous? Monday, April 12

Find about Illinois' Parental Notification of Abortion Law and why it should be repealed. Sign up here.

Get Out The Vote Phonebanks--Help Call Supporters to Remind Them to VOTE

Early Voting is under way -- and we have a very good problem. The campaign to elect Democrats For Palatine Township has gotten THOUSANDS of yes votes during their canvassing. NOW we need to call them to remind them to VOTE. Because Democratic and Progressive voters tend to ignore these local elections, and that lets Republican values control how our communities are run. If we want our local township government to actually help people --as it is mandated to do -- we need all our supporters to VOTE.

We have Zoom phonebanks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and a special Election Eve phonebank and an all-day Election Day extravaganza. We need your help!! Please sign up for at least TWO phonebank here: https://secure.ngpvan.com/p/h5ah_3Z2qEWS8fvpe7R_KQ2



Help get Democrats for Palatine Township Slate Across the Finish Line! Trivia Night Fundraiser on MONDAY March 22!!

NOW is the chance to be part of local Democratic history-- donate to Democrats for Palatine Township slate's last fundraiser! Sign up here!!! We are making our second round of canvassing, we are planting SO MANY signs in our supporters' yards, we are calling, calling, calling, and writing, writing, writing postcards! Can you feel the momentum?? We sure can! Join us Monday night, learn some trivia about the candidates, and help us WIN Palatine Township!!! Sign up here!!

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