Let's Get Takeout Every Tuesday Until Election Day!

Support local restaurants: we're getting takeout every Tuesday until Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020! Let's help out the small businesses in our area. Order takeout on Tuesdays (or other days) but on Tuesdays, we'll all post pics of our takeout in the Greater Palatine Area Democrats' Facebook Group. Starting April 7, there are 31 Tuesdays until and including Election Day. So help our community stay strong during the Covid-19 health crisis. You can find local restaurants here. -- and remember WE ARE VOTING in November!

Palatine Sikhs Offer Covid-19 Assistance to the Elderly in Our Community

"Well-being for All," is a Sikh daily prayer asking for good health for the whole universe, without discrimination. The Sikh Religious Society, which has the largest and oldest Gurdwara in Palatine, is offering help during this time of social distancing due to the Covid-19 virus. Elderly residents who are living alone or have chronic health issues will receive help from volunteers with grocery shopping or grocery delivery, and some health assistance, depending on the case. Many thanks to Thakar Basati for sharing this important information. This is a time for our community to pull together--I am honored to be able to share this information with Greater Palatine Area Democrats

Please fill out this form to describe your need.

If you would like to join the Sikhs in their effort, please fill out this form.


Democratic Primary Election 2020: Many Thanks to Election Workers, Vote Blue Volunteers, Candidates, and VOTERS

Thank you, Greater Palatine Area Democrats, for standing up for Democracy during this health crisis.

Thank you to the election judges and technicians who showed up for work yesterday, including one 18-year-old, walk-in judge. While many precincts had absent election judges as a result of the Covid-19 virus, and a few voting places were moved to different locations at the last minute, none of Palatine Township's polling places had to stay open late to accommodate voters. Thank you for your service to America.

Thank you to the candidates--congratulations to Maggie Trevor and others who won their primaries. And thank you to those who did not win. Thank you for making the hard choice to stand up in front of the community to offer to serve in public office. Campaigning for public office is hard, time-consuming and expensive. Thank you for offering to serve the community.

Thank you to the volunteers of Vote Blue All the Way Through, our initiative for distributing sample ballots to voters. Although we had to suspend operations to help limit the spread of Covid-19,Β  thank you for the work that was completed.

Thank you to those who spent Monday night putting out campaign signs at Palatine Township's 45 polling places. With the coronavirus ending person-to-person campaigning, those signs became a little more significant.

And most importantly, thank you to the Democratic voters who came out during Early Voting and on Election Day. The surge in early voting in Palatine Township -- about 47 percent higher than early voting in 2016 -- helped buoy the overall turnout numbers against the low turnout on Election Day itself. On the weekend before Election Day, the Democratic ballots in Palatine Township outnumbered all the Early Voting ballots in the 2016 Primary. Thank you, voters, for coming out to preserve our Democracy

Stay home, rest, wash your hands. We'll soon start working on building a Bigger Blue Wave in November, virus or no.

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