Combatting School Board Disinformation Dec. 18

The battle for democracy is no longer in the U.S. Capitol but at our local school board meetings. Learn what you can do to fight school board disinformation and provide an honest and accurate education for all our students. Sign up here 

Meet Congressman Mike Quigley, of the new Fifth District!!

We finally have new Congressional maps, and for the next ten years Palatine Township will be divided between the Eighth District, with Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, and the Fifth District, with Congressman Mike Quigley! You can see a map of the two districts here.

On Saturday, Dec. 11, come out to meet Congressman Quigley for a conversation about how we can all work to strengthen the new Fifth District and elect more Democrats and Progressives up and down the ballot. Sign up here.

27 Thanksgiving Baskets and Counting!

THANK YOU DEMOCRATS!!! For your overwhelming generosity in donating to GPAD's Thanksgiving Basket Food Drive to benefit Palatine Township!! When Melissa Ortega started organizing, we thought we could fill five laundry baskets of food. Then this week we upped it to 15 baskets. BUT NO. You all came out and donated enough food for at least 27 baskets of Thanksgiving food!! You are all fabulous!!! Now we have the happy problem of recruiting volunteers with hand trucks to help us deliver the donations to Palatine Township Offices next week. Please contact us at [email protected] to help!

Visiting us with donations and packing help were State Sen. Ann Gillespie! And we had candidates--54th House District Candidate Mary Beth Canty and her daughter helped organize, and Cook Co. Judicial Candidate Beth Ryan stopped by with her daughter, too. Special Shout Out to 51st House District Candidate Nabeela Syed, who delivered 10 laundry baskets of Thanksgiving food, all in the back of a pickup truck. And a HUGE thanks to Melissa Ortega, who organized it all.

Sen. Gillespie says, "Democrats Deliver." You all proved that 100 percent correct!

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