Nominate an Awesome Woman for Annual Cook County Peggy A.Montes Award

Who do you know who is changing her community? Who is working to make her corner of the world a better place? Who is persists in spite of obstacles? Nominate her for

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Failing Forward: Losing by 43 Votes But Flipping Nearly Two-Thirds of Precincts

We could be discouraged by our Maggie Trevor's oh-so-slim loss to Republican Tom Morrison for the 54th Illinois House District seat--43 votes! However, a closer look at the election results reveals the depth of her support, which helped her flip nearly two-thirds of the precincts in the district.

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Campaign for Palatine Library Referendum Seeks Volunteers

There's a new campaign in town, and it's supporting Palatine Public Library's referendum this April. The Library has never sought an operating referendum--until now. The roof needs repairs, the lights are inefficient, and the HVAC system is failing. The tax increase amounts to a dollar a week for the average single-family home. Email the Yes Committee Palatine Library to help phonebank in

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