Democrats for Palatine Township Board's Food Drive Delivers to POC Pantry


Eight SUVs and vans delivered food to Partners for Our Community (POC), Saturday afternoon, Dec. 19. The hundreds of diapers, bags of rice, mac & cheese, and other foods was collected at a  Drive-By Food Drive at Hamilton Sports Field, organized by Democrats for Palatine Township. POC, on Saturday morning, served 209 families at its weekly food pantry--a 700 percent increase in families since the start of the pandemic. The food pantry at POC is open every Saturday to families in need. In contrast, the food pantry at Palatine Township, which is run by a Republican Board, is open only by appointment, once a month, on weekdays, and only to families who had been served pre-pandemic. POC is located at 1585 N. Rand Road in Palatine. Democrats for Palatine Township have seven people running for the Township Board in the April 6 election. Melissa Ortega is running for Township Supervisor; Tracy Boland is running for Township Clerk; Matt Flamm is running for Highway Commissioner; and the four candidates for Trustee are Thakar Basati, Megan Gawlik, Nathaniel Groh, and Deanna Santman.










Dec. 19 Food Drive Sponsored by Democratic Slate for Palatine Township


Our candidates for the Palatine Township Board are sponsoring a drive-through food drive for Partners for Our Communities this Saturday, Dec. 19, from noon to 2:30 p.m in the parking lot at Hamilton Sports Field, 1037 N. Smith, Palatine. The food pantry at POC helps families who are not able to access the Township Food Pantry--just one of several issues our candidates want to address. Come out and meet the candidates! You can help our township neighbors by contributing on Saturday. Here's what's needed: cereal, rice, tomato products, tuna, mac & cheese, pasta, dry beans, snacks, peanut butter and jelly, and diapers, sizes 3, 4, and 5. We will be masked and socially distanced. You can drive up, pop the trunk, and we'll unload your car. Easy-peasy.

Local Democrats Nominate Slate for Palatine Township

Palatine Township Democrats on Tuesday nominated a slate of candidates to run for the Palatine Township Board in the April 6, 2021 Consolidated Election. The candidates


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