Cook Co. Clerk Karen A. Yarborough Guest Speaker at GPAD August Meeting on Vote By Mail!

Join GPAD and Cook Co. Clerk Karen A. Yarborough for a discussion of this year's new legislation expanding Vote By Mail. Clerk Yarborough will explain how the Cook County Clerk's office is preparing for the expected massive number of mail ballot requests and vote-by-mail ballots. Find out how all votes will be protected and counted in the Most Important Election of Our Time. Sign up here, and the link to the meeting will be emailed to you on Aug. 5, the day before the meeting.

Get Ready to Vote Yes! For the Fair Tax Amendment This November

Whether you rent or own your own place, get ready to vote YES! for the Fair Tax Amendment this November. We need to get rid of the flat income tax and replace it with a progressive tax. We need to let our Legislature set higher rates for the top 3 percent and lower rates for everyone else. Our schools need to be freed from the property tax, which leads to inequalities in our education system--the rich get better schools than the poor. More than ever, we need to vote YES on the Fair Tax this November.

Applications for Mail-In Ballots Are Open!!

Applications for a mail-in ballot are now open! Last week, Gov. Pritzker last week signed legislation authored by State Sen. Julie Morrison for "Virus-Free Voting." Anyone who voted in the last three elections -- going back to the Blue Wave November 2018 Election--will automatically be sent an application for a mail-in ballot. And anyone who has registered to vote since the 2020 March Primary also will be sent an application for a mail-in ballot. The new legislation also makes Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020, a state holiday! You can apply online for a mail-in ballot if you have moved, or if you haven't voted since 2017. Or, if you want to make sure you get your own ballot!Β Β 

Make sure you send in your application. When you get your ballot, make sure you Vote Blue All the Way Through! And mail it in! You can apply online for a mail-in ballot at the Cook County Clerk's office.


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