More than 3,000 Signatures!

THANK YOU to all our volunteers and candidates who helped us collect more than 3,000 total signatures this fall to help put Democratic candidates on the ballot for the March 19, 2024 primary! I especially want to highlight Joanne Dill, Janine Goodsite, Tracey Coleman, Judy Janes, Janet Sullivan, Kelly Godaski, Linda Fleming, Magda Roth, Joyce Slavik, Joy Soderman, Natalie Sahinoglu, and John Eschbach for knocking on doors to collect signatures for our Congressional candidates, Illinois House candidates, and county-wide candidates. We could not have reached our goal without you!! This Sunday we were Signin' with Biden, eating pizza getting our final petitions notarized and counted before we turn them over to our candidates. Joining us were several candidates: Pablo DeCastro, new candidate Circuit Court Judge; MWRD candidate Dan "Pogo" Pogorzelski who took the photo and 12th Circuit Judicial candidates Alon Stein and Frank Andreaou who brought donuts. Pizza and donuts--campaign food staples. Thank you, everyone!

November Meeting on Ranked Choice Voting

We're looking at Ranked Choice Voting at this Thursday's monthly meeting. Are voters' true intentions better represented by a ranking of choices or by just choosing one candidate for each post? Join volunteers, supporters and candidates for a discussion! Please sign up here so we know you are coming!

Mega, Massive Petition Rally THIS Saturday Oct. 21

Have you signed ALL the petitions for Democratic candidates? Your Congressman, your State Representative AND the county-wide candidates? What about your friends and family? Greater Palatine Area Democrats is joining with State Rep. Nabeela Syed's Campaign THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 21, for a Mega, Massive Petition Rally in Deer Park. We will have all the petitions you need to sign! You can make an appointment, or just show up. Help us protect our democracy by getting Democrats on the ballot for the March 19 primary. We can't vote for them unless they are on the ballot.

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