Young voters, women, and minorities are the key to Democratic success

Every four years, the electorate gets younger. Most young voters are openminded and see no reason to discriminate against anyone based on race, sex, or gender preference. They replace older voters, who generally are less open to change. Here's an article that shows just how Democratic young voters are:

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The article also shows that women, African-American voters, and Hispanic voters are much more Democratic than white men. These groups were the key to President Obama's success in 2008 and will be again this year.

South Carolina memories

Watching the South Carolina Republican primary results tonight brought back warm memories of the 2008 South Carolina Democratic primary.

I was a voter protection lawyer for the Obama campaign assigned to a majority-black rural area southeast of Columbia. The voters were proud of their role in helping to elect America's first black President.

After the polls closed, we returned to Columbia in time to be present for Sen. Obama's victory speech. Later that evening, one of my best friends called to read me Caroline Kennedy's op-ed in the NYTimes ("A President Like My Father"), which moved me to tears. I was 10 years old when her father died, and I'll always remember her as the little girl standing at attention while her father's funeral procession passed. It was one of those moments that made me feel that what we were doing was connected to history.

Iowa caucus memories

It's been 4 years since the 2008 Iowa caucus. Following is a post I made one year after the caucus.

What lessons did we learn from Iowa? First, we had the best organization, primarily volunteers. Second, people like a positive campaign. We didn't attack Sen. Clinton or Sen. Edwards; instead, we told people why we thought Sen. Obama would be the best President. Third, don't let conventional wisdom discourage you (or make you too cocky). Conventional wisdom assumes things will stay the way they are today, but people can change the course of events if they stay true to their plan.


One year since the Iowa caucus - wasn't that the best? (originally posted January 3, 2009):

It's been one year since the Iowa caucus. Everyone who was there has a story - this is mine.


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