Is the Fair Tax Fair Really Fair? GPAD Town Hall This Wednesday, Sept. 23

Very soon, Illinois voters will be deciding whether to amend the Illinois Constitution to allow a progressive income tax rather than a flat income tax. Is a progressive income tax really fair? Is retirement income included in the tax? So much misinformation out there--especially misinformation targeting seniors. Find out the facts at GPAD's Town Hall on the Fair Tax. Sign up here, get the link to the meeting.

GPAD Town Hall: Maggie Trevor Sept. 12: We're in a pandemic. We need a healthcare expert in Springfield

"Compassion, empathy and hard facts." That's how Maggie Trevor will protect the health and safety of our families, and protect all our access to to healthcare, education, safe workplaces and clean air and water. Hear Maggie herself at GPAD's Town Hall, Saturday, Sept. 12, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Sign up here and get the link to the online meeting. Then go out and phonebank!

Sept. 5 is Phonebank-O-Rama. GPAD's Day of Action!

The most important thing that all of us can do this fall is to volunteer for a campaign. And this year, the most important way to volunteer is to phonebank. GPAD is rallying our forces this Saturday, Sept. 5, from 10 to noon for a Day of Action: Phonebank-o-Rama. Help us call Democratic and Progressive voters in Palatine Township, urging them to vote for Biden-Harris, Durbin, Casten, and Trevor. And the Fair Tax! We'll be helping them get mail-in ballots, telling them where the new Palatine Early voting site is, and helping them get yard signs. And, it will be FUN! We must do everything we can to make sure that we win--and save Democracy. Sign up here. Β 

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