Which party has a message?

Political pundits have been saying that Democrats lack a “message.” This is a Republican talking point, but too many Democrats and progressives repeat it. If it means that Democrats don’t deliver simplistic, dishonest, manipulative talking points, we plead guilty. But if it means that Democrats don’t make it clear that they stand for what most Americans believe, it’s nonsense. Review this comparison of the two parties. Which one speaks for you?



A woman has the right to control her body

Women’s rights to birth control and abortion should be restricted by legislators, most of whom are men

We must act now to limit the effects of climate change

Deny climate change, refuse to make any efforts to combat it

We can and should provide health care for every American at a reasonable cost

Cut funding for health care, leaving only those who can afford to pay insured

Every child has the right to an excellent public education

Cut funding for public schools, favor private schools for those who can afford them

We can reduce gun violence without abridging the rights of law-abiding people

The Second Amendment requires that we let anyone have as many lethal weapons as he or she wants

We should treat immigrants with courtesy and respect

Treat immigrants as enemies and criminals, separate children from their parents

Every citizen should be able to vote

Impose restrictions to prevent poor and minority voters from voting

Working people have the right to organize to improve their working conditions

Destroy or diminish unions’ ability to help workers

America works best when it works for everyone, not just the rich and powerful

Giant tax breaks for the rich, higher taxes and fewer benefits for working people

We should work with our allies and negotiate with our adversaries to ensure peace

Give in to Russia and North Korea while disrespecting our allies

Welcome progress

Fan the flames of fear

President Obama made us proud to be Americans

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to most Americans, including many Republicans

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