Water Reclamation Candidates

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioners, 6-year terms. Choose three.

Mariyana Spyropoulos

As an MWRD Commissioner since 2010, Mariyana Spyropoulos ensured the MWRD maintain a AAA bond rating and a balanced budget. She initiated efforts that introduced an Inspector General, broadcast board meetings, and developed an app for residents to report water pollution. And she led efforts to reach out to other countries to share information and develop cooperative relationships. See more here.

Yumeka Brown

In 2018, Yumeka Brown's son contracted an environmental illness that nearly took his life. He has since recovered, and the experience inspired Yumeka to work to improve policies that affect the environment for underserved and marginalized communities. A resident of the south suburbs, she is the Village Clerk of Matteson. See more here.

Patricia Theresa Flynn

A drinking water scandal in her hometown of Crestwood catapulted Patricia Theresa Flynn into public service. A previous village administration mixed well water poisoned with carcinogens with lake water, and the scandal resulted in millions in legal costs and 22 felony convictions against the previous administration. Patricia Theresa Flynn ran for village trustee, vowing to fight for clean water and clean government. She is running for MWRD Commissioner to continue that fight. See more here.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner, 2-year term. Choose one.

Dan "Pogo" Pogorzelski

Dan "Pogo" Pogorzelski is the embodiment of civic service. A non-stop volunteer and public servant, Dan has worked for the past 12 years to connect immigrant communities to services, neighborhood businesses to art, and communities to green infrastructure. He is a former executive director of a neighborhood Chamber of Commerce, author of four books about Chicago neighborhoods, and currently works in Civic Engagement in the office of Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs. See more here.

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