Judges are on the ballot. Our democracy is on the line.

Above, endorsed Cook County Circuit Court Candidates, from left: Neil Cohen, Corinne C. Heggie, Chloe Georgianna Pedersen, Pablo F. deCastro, Debjani 'Deb' Desai, Sarah johnson, and James S. Murphy-Aguilu. Not pictured: Arlene Y. Coleman-Romeo, Jennifer Patricia Callahan, and Deidre M. Dyer and Edward Joseph Underhill.

We are living in an America where women are on trial because they miscarried. Where elected officials and judges in many states have stripped from women their rights to control their own bodies. Where schools are removing dictionaries and encyclopedias from their libraries because they have a reference to sexual relations. Where transgender candidates are being thrown off the ballot because they changed their names. And, where a former president who incited an insurrection and is facing 91 civil, state, and federal criminal charges in trials across the country, is on track to be nominated for president by a major political party.

Above, right, endorsed Cook County Appellate Court candidates, from left: Celia Louise Gamrath, Cynthia Y. Cobbs, and Mary Lane Mikva. Not pictured: Carl Anthony Walker.

We need to make sure we are free to choose when to have a family, who to love, who to be, and whether we want to read a book. We need good judges who will make sure our fundamental personal rights are upheld in court. We need judges who will respect the rights of the people and protect our liberal democracy.

Left, endorsed candidates for 12th Sub-Circuit Judge: Jack Costello, Alon Stein, and Frank Andreou.

On March 19, we will be going to the ballot box to vote for judges in Cook County, from sub-circuit local judges all the way up to the Illinois Supreme Court. Greater Palatine Area Democrats and local Democratic organizations welcomed the Cook County Democratic Party's endorsed judicial candidates to a meet and greet with local Democratic voters. GPAD, Elk Grove Township Democrats, and Wheeling Township Democrats co-sponsored the event, held in Rolling Meadows. 

Right, endorsed candidate for the 13th Sub-Circuit: Mary Sevandal Cohen.

There will be many candidates running for judge in the March 19 primary. But these endorsed candidates have all been found to be qualified, recommended, and highly recommended by all the local bar associations. They are all dedicated to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. They have all committed themselves to community service outside their jobs as lawyers.

Left: Circuit Court Candidate Edward Joseph Underhill, from left, and Appellate Court Candidate Carl Anthony Walker.

When we go to vote in the Democratic Primary on March 19, we need to vote for President Joe Biden. And, we need to go all the way down the ballot and vote for the endorsed candidates, especially for the judges. The future of our country depends on us.

Below: Judge Sarah Johnson speaks on behalf of Illinois Supreme Court Justice Candidate Joy Virginia Cunningham.

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