Rolling Meadows Cannabis Dispensary Employees File to Join Union--Call to Help

In this time of Covid-19, cannabis workers are essential employees. And like all workers, essential or not, they deserve working environments that protect them and their customers from getting infected with the coronavirus. So this week the workers at Nature's Care in Rolling Meadows filed their petition for union representation elections to join Local 881 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. This is the third cannabis dispensary in Illinois this month to see its employees seek to join the union. The dispensaries have been wildly successful since weed

was legalized in Illinois, yet the workers are paid low wages, lack masks and gloves, paid sick leave, and hazard pay. Work schedules are erratic and change often. "We want a Union to create a strong new leadership bringing all dispensary employees professional, safe, and fair working conditions," said Mary Jo, who works at Nature's Care. These workers are now on the front line in an industry that didn't exist four months ago. You can help by contacting Nature's Care/Acreage Holdings' leadership and encourage them to voluntarily recognize this bargaining unit; or at least enter into a neutrality agreement where the workers can have a free and fair election. If you are a customer, your voice carries more weight! Call local management at Nature's Care, 847-754-4955, and Nature's Care/Acreage Holdings' Director of Government Relations, 646-600-9181.

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