Protest on Saturday Is Just the First Step

Democrats and Progressives, we have much work to do, and Saturday's Peaceful Protest for Racial Justice is just the start. Now we have to turn that energy into action. Many, many thanks to our speakers, who are already inspiring attendees to get more

involved in local issues. More than 200 people turned out on Saturday at Volunteer Park in Palatine at Rte 14 and North Hicks Road. It was a profound honor to host the following speakers:

Rev. Clyde H. Brooks, Illinois Commission On Diversity & Human Relations, President
Rev. Larry S. Bullock, Minority Contractors
Sean Casten - U.S. Rep IL06
Ann Gillespie - State Senator District 27
Maggie Trevor - State Rep. Candidate for District 54
Kym Garnett - NWSOFA-Indivisible Social Justice Lead, Activist
Tim McGowan - Radio DJ and Activist
Satnaam Singh Mago - Sikh Religious Society
Patrick Watson - State Central Committee Person IL06, Activist
Greg Motto - Black White Divide
Ameer Muhammad - Activist, DJ
Khirsti Garnett - Activist

Patrick Watson is a beacon of integrity for GPAD--this protest would have been just "window dressing" without his leadership. I also want to thank our partners, NWSOFA-Indivisible and Bill Davis, and Illinois Sixth Democrats for pooling their resources with GPAD to help create this event. And last but not least, our fabulous volunteers who put aside the other parts of their lives to take on tasks big and small to organize a protest rally in three days: Ed Yung, Gretchen Coleman and Ballot-Z, Donna Epton, Nathaniel Groh, Joyce Slavik, Jerry Freda and Matt Flamm. Rest for a few minutes, then we have to get back to work to make the world a better place.


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