Why JB Is the Best Governor Ever

We remember the dark Rauner years, when Illinois didn't have a budget or the money to help the people of Illinois. Here's how things have changed, thanks to Gov. JB Pritzker and Lt. Gov Juliana Stratton. Note: this is just a small part of the massive changes that JB and Juliana have brought to Illinois.

1. Illinois raised the minimum wage from $8.75 to $15 per hour. JB and Juliana advocated for and signed into law this historic measure that meant 1.4 million workers got a pay raise.

2. Illinois is getting its fiscal house in order. JB proposed and passed a balanced budget--this is huge--it means we are being fiscally responsible. We're paying our bills on time--under Rauner, Illinois was taking SEVEN MONTHS to pay its bills. Small businesses who provided services to the state were going out of business because they were not getting paid. Now, we are paying our bills in less than two weeks. AND we've had THREE credit rating upgrades in the last year! It's the first time in 20 years that Illinois has had even one credit upgrade, let alone THREE! This means that credit agencies agree that Illinois is on the right track.

3. Illinois protects the Right to Choose. Reproductive freedom is now protected as state law, so that if/when Roe v. Wade falls this summer, Illinois will still protect the rights of those who can get pregnant. In fact, Illinois is a beacon for Reproductive Freedom in the Midwest, because every state that surrounds us has passed laws making abortion illegal, should Roe fall.

4. Illinois is rebuilding its infrastructure. JB's program Rebuild Illinois has created 500,000 jobs, as we devote more money to rebuilding our roads, bridges, railways, waterways and schools. Even the Illinois Section of the Society of Civil Engineers, which documented the need to make infrastructure a priority, said, "the future is bright...These investments will also help Illinois capitalize on our geographic advantage, which in turn will promote growth for our state's economy and citizens."

5. Illinois is expanding its healthcare. Under JB, Illinois cut the Medicaid backlog left by Rauner, giving healthcare to nearly 130,000 more Illinoisans. He capped the price of insulin, a life-saving medicine. He strengthened critical access hospitals in rural areas. And he provided $3.8 billion to hospitals to increase access to medical treatment in underserved communities. And he increased funding for crisis mental health services, suicide prevention, and substance abuse treatment.

There is so much more JB and Juliana have accomplished! You can see more at https://jbpritzker.com/issues/ Now you have good news you can talk about with your neighbors!

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