The Wall Street Journal should read The Wall Street Journal

The editorial page of The Wall Street Journal has consistently followed the right-wing line, blasting the Affordable Care Act at every opportunity. Perhaps if they read their own paper, they'd sing a different tune. This Sunday's WSJ contained an article titled, "How Obamacare Benefits Older Workers."  The article points out that, for older workers not yet eligible for Medicare, "the ACA could provide an opportunity to get more-affordable insurance than in the past and make it possible to get coverage for those who might otherwise be denied insurance or find it too costly." The article goes on to say:

"For those age 65 and older, the ACA doesn't change the landscape much. 'Your Medicare is your health coverage, and you aren't required to buy anything new,' says Nicole Duritz, an AARP vice president for health and family issues. Still, there are improvements. Medicare coverage for preventive services, such as mammograms or colonoscopies, is being expanded, and Medicare will now provide free annual 'wellness' visits."

The author forgot to mention the closing of the prescription drug "donut hole." That's OK; another article in the same day's WSJ was titled, "Obamacare Aims to Close Medicare 'Doughnut Hole' - Shrinking Since 2010, It Will Close in 2020." That article says that "thanks to the Affordable Care Act . . . Medicare beneficiaries will see [the donut hole] shrink . . . in each year until 2020."

It's too bad the editorial board of the WSJ is blinded by right-wing ideology. Its reporters know better.

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