Protestors say Rauner puts money above people

Residents of the northwest suburbs held a rally Tuesday in Palatine to protest the policies of Bruce Rauner, Republican candidate for Governor. The rally was held outside the Cotillion Ballroom, where Republicans were holding a fundraising event at which Rauner was the featured speaker.

“Minimum wage workers can’t support themselves and their families without food stamps and other government assistance,” said  Nancy Shepherdson of Deer Park. “But Rauner has said he wants to lower Illinois’ minimum wage.”

“Rauner’s policies would benefit the most fortunate people in our state at the expense of working families, “ said Joe Gump of Palatine. “He would cut taxes on millionaires and billionaires while cutting services to people in need. And he has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups that support privatizing Social Security.

The crowd carried signs saying, “Illinois is not for sale” and “Government for the many, not the money.”

Frank Huckin of Rolling Meadows said, “Bruce Rauner does not live in the real world where working families need public schools, public services, and a secure retirement.”

A disclosure filed with the State Board of Elections shows that Rauner made a $10,000 contribution to the committee hosting the dinner. “That’s more than a minimum-wage worker earns in six months, but it’s less than Rauner earns in two hours” said Matt Flamm, one of the organizers of the protest.

The rally was organized by Greater Palatine Area Democrats (GPAD), a local grassroots political organization dedicated to advancing progressive public policies. GPAD welcomes Democrats and progressive voters who live in or near Palatine Township. For more information, visit or call (847)454-0134.

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