Answering your questions about my recommendations

Yesterday, I sent an email with a sample ballot and my recommendations for the March 20th primary. If you didn't read it, click here.

I received a number of questions. Rather than answer them individually, I decided to create this blog post. You might be interested in hearing what other people asked and my answers.

Q. "Why not Daniel Biss?"

A.  I have known Daniel Biss for many years and admire him as a legislator. But I don't think he would be a strong candidate against Bruce Rauner. Daniel's speaking style is best described as "professorial". As a State Senator and previously a State Representative, his record leaves a lot of openings for criticism. I've been disappointed by his campaign. Not being rich is not a platform. JB Pritzker has run much more substantive ads, laying out a vision for Illinois. He's our best chance to beat Rauner.

Q. "Why aren't you supporting Chris Kennedy for governor? "

A.  Kennedy's campaign has been a real disappointment. He over-relies on his family name, taking credit for things he played no part in. Almost every email is from someone named "Kennedy." He ignores his own checkered record as President of the University of Illinois, when he led questionable financial decisions and led the decision to deny a faculty job to controversial professor Steven Salaita. He claims credit for running the Merchandise Mart, but he was put in charge of the family business. He's taken cheap shots at other Democrats while defending Governor Rauner. No wonder the Chicago Tribune, which hates Democrats, loves Kennedy.

Q. "Why do you support JB Pritzker?"

A.  I made that pretty clear in my email and in my endorsement of JB. Let me just add this. Not all rich people are selfish, arrogant jerks. JB is using his money to help those who are less fortunate. He's a generous, public-spirited rich person, part of a tradition ranging from the Rockefellers to Bill Gates. Some progressives are prejudiced again Pritzker because he's rich. I want to reduce the influence of money in politics as much as anyone, but throwing away our best chance to win won't do that.

Q.  "Who do you support in the 6th Congressional District race?"

A.  This is a tough one. Each of the seven candidates would be a great Member of Congress. I feel that Kelly Mazeski and Sean Casten would have the best chance to beat Peter Roskam. But you can't make a bad choice.

Q. "Thank you. I've forwarded your recommendations to everyone I know."

A. You're welcome. Please educate your friends and neighbors. If you disagree with me about one or two candidates, that's OK. Tell them to support the rest of these fine candidates.

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  • Allen Hogg
    commented 2018-03-09 23:02:58 -0600
    I strongly support Sean Casten for Congress in the 6th district. Even after the Democrats regain the majority in the House, a freshman member of Congress is going to have limited impact unless there is an issue on which he or she can show themselves to be a real expert. Casten has the credibility to have such a major impact when it comes to taking action to combat climate change, which I personally feel is the most pressing issue the nation – and world – is facing. (If humans don’t stop adding greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere, everything else is just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.)

    As for Mazeski, I will certainly vote for her over Roskam if she wins the nomination, but I understand she has been burning through her cash (I think I have gotten about a dozen mailings from her campaign), which might start her well behind where Casten would be for the general election. While it seems like she would be a reliably Democratic vote, her positioning seems largely to be echoing that of other candidates: Amanda Howland is a cancer survivor; hey, Kelly Mazeski is a cancer survivor, too! Sean Casten is a scientist; hey, Kelly Mazeski is a scientist, too! Then there is the fact that she lost her 2016 State Senate campaign by almost 20,000 votes.
  • Matthew A. Flamm
    published this page in Blog 2018-03-08 00:12:22 -0600
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