Go Say "Hi!" to Our New State Sen. Ann Gillespie at Her Open House This Saturday in Arlington Heights!

This Saturday is Fun Day where we reap the fruits of our hard work in the fall! Go visit new Illinois State Senator, Ann Gillespie, at her official district office this Saturday, Feb. 9, at noon! Her digs are at 120 W. Eastman St., Suite 207, in Arlington Heights. She is sharing office space with our neighboring Ill. State Rep. Mark Walker, 53rd District. Both will be on hand

to meet constituents, so go say "Hi!" and ask them about what it's like in Springfield these days. Ask them about minimum wage! Or gun safety! Or a graduated income tax! Visiting local officials who share our values is kind of an unusual experience in these parts--let's make sure it becomes a usual experience!

Palatine Township is about a third of Gillespie's 27th District. The district also covers most of Wheeling Twp., a big part of Elk Grove Twp., a tiny bit of Barrington Twp. and a bite of Maine Twp. The map shows how many precincts Gillespie won in Palatine Township. She won 50.35 percent of the votes in our township, and won 52 percent over all. To see a larger version of the map, click on the big "Analysis of the 2018 General Election in Palatine Township" button at the top of the screen.


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