Obama organizer running for Palatine Township Committeeman

Matt Flamm, a Democratic activist and organizer for President Obama's campaigns, is a candidate for Democratic Committeeman of Palatine Township. Flamm filed his nominating papers with the Cook County Clerk on Monday morning. Flamm is running to succeed incumbent Committeeman Sue Walton, who is not seeking reelection.

"Under Sue Walton's leadership, Palatine Township has changed from a Republican area to an independent one," Flamm said. "Strong Democratic candidates like Secretary of State Jesse White, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and former Congresswoman Melissa Bean have consistently won the township. President Obama won the township in 2008 and came within 310 votes of winning it again in 2012. Suburban voters are becoming more diverse and more progressive every year."

Flamm, an attorney, has lived in Palatine since 1987 with his wife, Betty. Their two adult daughters graduated from Palatine High School. He was a volunteer for former U.S. Representative Melissa Bean. As an organizer for President Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns, Flamm led northwest suburban volunteers who traveled to Iowa, Wisconsin, and other swing states to persuade undecided voters and to increase voter turnout.

"Many suburban voters share the moderate, mainstream positions of today's Democratic Party," said Flamm. "They are progressive with regard to social issues like marriage equality. They're against unnecessary taxes and regulation, but they understand the value of what government does for people."

Flamm's Campaign Committee is chaired by Palatine Township Committeeman Sue Walton. Nancy Shepherdson and Lauren Beth Gash, Democratic State Central Committeewomen for the 8th and 10th Congressional Districts, are Honorary Co-Chairs. The committee consists of dozens of Palatine Township residents from a variety of backgrounds. For a complete list, go to http://mattflamm.org/flamm-announces-formation-of-campaign-committee/

"We will focus on identifying Democratic voters and persuading them to vote," said Flamm. "Voting by mail and early voting have made it easier for working people who may not be able to get to their polling place on Election Day. We need to make sure people know that voting is easy and essential."

"The Obama campaigns showed that millions of people demanding change can defeat billionaires and big corporations," said Flamm. "We will apply that lesson locally."

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