Campaign for Palatine Library Referendum Seeks Volunteers

There's a new campaign in town, and it's supporting Palatine Public Library's referendum this April. The Library has never sought an operating referendum--until now. The roof needs repairs, the lights are inefficient, and the HVAC system is failing. The tax increase amounts to a dollar a week for the average single-family home. Email the Yes Committee Palatine Library to help phonebank in

January. The library is an important source of facts and information--we need facts and info! Palatine Library in particular has been making do with a lot less than neighboring library districts. "We have been barely scraping by," said Library Board Member Tracy Boland before the board voted to place the referendum on the April 2 ballot. Even if the referendum is approved, she said, "we will still be operating below" the funding levels of other area libraries. "This is a very lean operation. We are being very prudent," she said. Help keep facts and information available to Palatine by helping this campaign!

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