Maggie Trevor Narrows Gap in Deep Red 54th District

Our Maggie Trevor has narrowed the gap to 242 votes (SO FAR!) less than incumbent Tom Morrison in their battle to represent the 54th District. For this Capital-R Red district to see a first-time Democratic candidate out of nowhere get within less than 

300 votes (SO FAR!) is beyond awesome! Remember that two years ago, NO ONE stepped up to challenge Morrison. "However this comes out, Maggie Trevor ran a fantastic race," said Matt Flamm, Democratic Ward Committeeman. "She has a great future, as do the Democrats of the 54th District." Cook County Clerk ballot judges will continue to count mail-in ballots until they run out, until Nov. 20. To be valid, the ballots needed to be postmarked by Nov. 5, the day before the election. Maggie Trevor's supporters, Morrison's supporters -- and a bunch of lawyers -- are watching the process each day. First, the ballot judges determine whether the signature on the outside of the ballot envelope is valid. Those ballots that are literally dirty, or "have last night's dinner on them"  are put aside to be reviewed manually. The clean ballots are run through a scanner. Any ballots that are flagged by the scanners are scrutinized by judges to determine the intent of the voter. The race for the 54th District is very, very, very, very close, particularly as the number of ballots waiting to be counted dwindles. Every step is open and fair... our Clerk's Office, after all, is run by David Orr! So we wait and see.


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