Congratulations to April 7th Winners

Congratulations to Jessica Morrison and Zubair Khan, who were elected Tuesday to the District 15 Board of Education. Both Jessica and Zubair were born in Arlington Heights and grew up in the northwest suburbs. They will bring new ideas and a spirit of cooperation to the board.

Dave Gurion ran a great race. He impressed a lot of people, and you haven't seen the last of him.

You can view the District 15 election results, including precinct-by-precinct results, by clicking on this link. There are still some absentee and provisional ballots to be counted. Watch this site for updates.

Hal Snyder appears to have been elected to the Palatine Public Library District. Hal was the only candidate on the ballot, but there were three write-in candidates. Write-in votes won't be tabulated until next week. You can monitor the results by clicking on this link, or revisit this blog post from time to time for updates when they become available.

I'm troubled by the low voter turnout (less than 11 percent of registered voters). Cook County Clerk David Orr suggested today that Illinois consider mail-only voting for local elections. That's how all elections are conducted in Oregon and Washington State, and they have much higher turnout. One reason: you don't have to apply for a ballot. If you're registered, they will mail you a ballot before each election. Most precincts had fewer than 100 voters all day. It's a waste to staff thousands of polling places, especially for low-turnout elections like this one.

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  • Susan Macdonald
    commented 2015-04-09 12:36:25 -0500
    I am curious how campaigning is done in OR & WA. I like every registered voter getting a ballot. But, does the candidate with the most money to do mail have the advantage?
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