Vote for Democratic Judges: They Make the Legal Business a People Business in Court

"Nobody knows how much judges matter," said 13th Sub-Circuit Court Judge Ketki "Kay" Steffen. "How do you want people to be treated in court?" she asked. "The judges decide." Why should you vote for Democratic judges?

Think about what it's like to go to court--whether it is for a traffic violation or something more serious. How do you want to be treated at court? How do you want minorities to be treated? How do you want legal immigrants treated? How about women? Transgender folks? Do you want the disenfranchised and working people treated with dignity and respect in the courtroom? It is the sitting judge who decides how people will be treated in court, said Steffen, who is running for re-election to the 13th Sub-Circuit Court. She told the audience at the Greater Palatine Area Democrats fundraiser in October that for every 100 people who vote for the Democrat at the top of the ticket, only 70 will vote for judges-- and Republicans' voting rate for judges is much higher. We have to do better. So finish the ballot!

The Greater Palatine Area Democrats organization does not make endorsements. Below are Committeeman Matt Flamm's recommendations for judges in the 2018 elections:

Kathryn Maloney Vahey 111
Kathaleen Theresa Lanahan 112
Tom Sam Sianis 113
Rosa Maria Silva 114
Thomas F. McGuire 115
Preston Jones Jr. 116
Cecilia Anne Horan 117
Clare Joyce Quish 118
Peter Michael Gonzalez 119
Jack Hagerty 120
JUDGE, COOK COUNTY  (13th Subcircuit)  
Ketki 'Kay' Steffen 121
Shannon P. O'Malley 123
Samuel J. Betar III 125
Judge Matthew E. Coghlan-Vote NO 232
other judges-vote YES or abstain  


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