The Beginning of the End of Right-Wing Control

The Beginning of the End of Right-Wing Control

Tonight’s vote to end the government shutdown represents a watershed moment. The New York Times headline, “Republicans Back Down, Ending Budget Crisis,” understates the importance of this vote. The extreme right wing has controlled the Republican Party for too long. Using the so-called “Hastert Rule,” the most extreme members of Congress forced the rest of the party to follow them in a disastrous attempt to undo the Affordable Care Act. All it brought them was defeat, humiliation, record-low approval ratings, and the shame of having wasted tens of billions of taxpayer dollars. It’s time for moderate Republicans to retake control of their party.

By my count, 82 of the 144 House members (all Republicans) who voted against the legislation are from the South. The states that still re-fight the Civil War can continue this battle, but they’ll be just as unsuccessful. If the rest of the Republican Party continues to follow their lead, their party will lose any chance of winning national elections.

All Democrats voted for the legislation. Senators Durbin and Kirk voted for it, as did Rep. Roskam. But Rep. Hultgren voted against it.

Give credit to President Obama and the Senate Democrats. They refused to give in to the suicidal threats of Ted Cruz and other right-wingers who held the government and the American people hostage. The next time someone says the President isn’t tough enough, remember this incident and don’t let the comment go. This is what being tough really means, not just tough-guy words.

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