Lights for Liberty organizer & speakers join GPAD at July 22 Meeting on Detention Centers and Local Organizing

Greater Palatine Area Democrats welcomes to our July 22 public meeting the organizer and speakers from last week's Lights for Liberty protest of detention centers on the border. Erika Burch, organizer of the Arlington Heights rally, Alan Bosslet, whose adult daughters are volunteering on the border, and Hal Snyder from Save the Children Action Network will join the conversation. Burch, pictured here in a Hawaiian shirt with our Illinois Sen. Ann Gillespie, 27th Dist., at the rally, started the local Stand on Every Corner movement last summer in Mount Prospect. The rally drew a couple hundred people who lined Northwest Highway in downtown Arlington Heights on a Friday night. And it made the front page of the Daily Herald! Many thanks to Snyder, who provided some of these photos, and who is pictured below, in the center, with other members of SCAN at the rally. GPAD is thrilled to have Burch, Bosslet and SCAN join us for a conversation about what we here in the Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Hoffman Estates and Inverness area can do for people seeking asylum on the border, and how regular folks can organize to create a movement. Join us! 7 p.m. Palatine Library -- sign up here!

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  • Erika Burch
    commented 2019-07-19 00:31:26 -0500
    Hi there and hope you’re having a pleasant day.
    I’d like to encourage all of you reading this to attend on Monday.

    For all of you who have sat on your chairs and couches feeling helpless watching the events around us unfold. I understand. Let’s work together and hit the streets.

    As the 2020 election heats up there will be many occasions to protest. Many of those will be rapid response protests. Sometimes just several hours to prepare for. And my intention Monday night is to tell you how easy it is to actually start your own protests and to be prepared to organize a nationwide rapid response protest.

    Introverted/don’t really like strangers??
    I understand that.
    But please think about coming. There is no question and answer session that you have to participate in. One thing to know is I open with asking everybody to quickly introduce themselves to the person next to them. It lasts maybe 8 seconds. Easy squeezy. Poof it’s over. (Introverts understand this).
    Would you believe I’m an introvert? I work in a hotel and socialize with many people during the day. I can organize and enjoy doing it the whole time but at the end of the day I don’t answer the phone and retreat into my healing zone to regenerate.
    Introverts are misunderstood. I get you. I’ll give you first hand advice on how to handle it. And I think you’ll like it.

    We are only a mere 16 months away from the election.
    That’s scary.
    Ask anyone who’s planned a wedding how fast that goes.
    There is no time left.
    It’s over.

    I started protesting last Aug. 18th. I made a commitment to stand on a corner in my town to inspire people to vote in the mid terms. Not just once a month or once a week. But EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for one hour. My inspiration seed was planted in June 2018 by a gay man on Twitter.
    It’s a great story and I truly believe will get you inspired to pull up your finest knickers and get engaged with politics. Especially local elections.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

    This is going to be a night with some great first hand experience.
    Alan and Hal are light years ahead of me in knowledge and experience here with immigrants, seeking asylum and conditions at the border. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you came.
    I also make it a point to say keep the angry mood at home. Come inspired and ready to make a difference.

    I hope to see you on Monday.
    Erika xo

    Please RSVP to the event if you plan to come. If you forget to RSVP, COME ANYWAY.
    Bring something to drink.

    You’ll probably make a friend or two so bring prepared notes or cards with your information to exchange for a gathering in the future.

    Houston :
    Over and out
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