Flamm urges Democratic voters to vote in Democratic primary

Flamm urges Democratic voters to vote in Democratic primary

Matt Flamm, who is seeking to become the next Palatine Township Democratic Committeeman, Monday urged voters to participate in their own party’s primary. “Illinois law permits voters to switch from one party’s primary to another with no waiting period,” said Flamm. “This means that a Democratic voter can participate in the Republican primary, or vice-versa. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.” A political party represents a particular point of view, both with regard to specific issues and in its general principles. Voters who believe in the political philosophy of a party are entitled to choose their own candidate without interference by those who believe in a different set of principles. “Many Democratic voters disagree with Bruce Rauner’s positions and his lack of experience with or respect for government,” said Flamm. It may be tempting for Democrats to choose a Republican ballot to oppose Rauner or to support one of his Republican opponents. “But it’s their party. Let them decide who should be their leader,” said Flamm. “I’m offended when Republicans try to interfere with Democratic primaries,” said Flamm. “Let’s not engage in the same kind of conduct we object to when it’s done to us.” Flamm is seeking to succeed Sue Walton, who has been Palatine Township Democratic Committeeman for 12 years. Flamm is supported by Walton and other Democratic leaders including Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, former Congresswoman Melissa Bean, 6th District Democratic State Central Committeewoman Nancy Shepherdson, and 10th District Democratic State Central Committeewoman Lauren Beth Gash. He served as an organizer for President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns. “The motto of the Obama campaigns was ‘respect, empower, include,’” said Flamm. “Let’s respect the Republicans’ nominating process. Once they decide who their candidate is, we’ll show why Governor Pat Quinn is the better choice for Illinois.” For more information, call (847)920-8683 or go to www.mattlamm.org/vote.

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