Elect Democrats For Palatine Township

For the first time in twelve years, Democrats are running for the Palatine Township Board. Democrats tend to ignore these local elections, which is how Republicans control local government. And as Republicans are philosophically opposed to government helping people, they run the government to function as little as possible. It is time for a change in Palatine Township. We need to elect our entire slate of Democratic Candidates.

  • Melissa Ortega for Township Supervisor
  • Tracy Boland for Township Clerk
  • Matt Flamm for Highway Commissioner
  • Thakar S. Basati for Township Trustee
  • Megan Gawlik for Township Trustee
  • Nathaniel Groh for Township Trustee
  • Deanna Santman for Township Trustee

To learn more about the Candidates, see their website: www.d4pt.org.




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  • Maria Galo
    published this page 2021-03-04 20:50:41 -0600
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