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Why I think the Supreme Court will uphold Obamacare

The Supreme Court will decide Thursday whether the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. Conventional wisdom is that the Court will declare the ACA (or at least the individual mandate) unconstitutional. Here’s why I think they’re wrong. Since the 1930s, the Supreme Court has ruled that Congress can exercise control over anything that affects interstate commerce. Health care affects in... »

How the Obama campaign really works

Rolling Stone recently ran a very fair and accurate article about how the Obama campaign is operating. Hope 2.0: Inside Obama’s Campaign. It tells you a lot about the campaign’s strategy and the critical role of neighborhood volunteer teams. »

What President Obama has accomplished

The Washington Monthly is an excellent, small magazine. I’ve been a subscriber for more than 30 years. In 2008, my wife and I had the pleasure of lunch with Charles Peters, the founder of the magazine, who worked for President Kennedy. Paul Glastris, who is now the editor in chief, had an excellent article on what President Obama has accomplished. The Incomplete Greatness of Barack Obama. Th... »

Young voters, women, and minorities are the key to Democratic success

Every four years, the electorate gets younger. Most young voters are openminded and see no reason to discriminate against anyone based on race, sex, or gender preference. They replace older voters, who generally are less open to change. Here’s an article that shows just how Democratic young voters are: Winning Campaigns : Learn From The Experts Articles : What We Know About Young Voters. The... »

Why Ron Paul is Wrong About Almost Everything

Ron Paul appeals to some voters because he seems to be genuine and consistent in his views. He’s not as consistent as he seems. And his policies would have disastrous consequences if he ever had an opportunity to implement them. Following are some core principles of Ron Paul, which I’ve taken from a Wikipedia article entitled “Political Principles of Ron Paul”. “The proper role for gov... »

How the wealthy benefit from tax shelters in ways we can’t

Mitt Romney continues to be the poster child for “socialism for the rich.” His campaign may help to destroy tax breaks that benefit only the wealthy. This article discusses how Romney took advantage of a controversial tax shelter that both Democrats and Republicans have said should be illegal. Romney’s Returns Revive Scrutiny of Offshore Tax Shelters – »

Mitt Romney IS the 1%

Mitt Romney is the perfect example of what the Occupy movement has been talking about. He’s in the top 1% of the top 1% (actually, the top 0.006%). According to one article, “Just 8,274 federal tax returns out of more than 140 million filed in 2009 had income that totaled $10 million or more” Executive bling: Where does Romney stack up with previous presidents? – DailyHeral... »

Most progressive tax cut ever!

President Obama proposed a 2% cut in the Social Security payroll tax, which Congress passed last year but Republicans resist extending through 2012. Too little attention has been given to how progressive this tax cut is. That’s because the payroll tax is the most regressive tax in America. Employees pay 6.2% of their income up to $110,100, and nothing above that. For an employee who makes $1... »

South Carolina memories

what is this? Watching the South Carolina Republican primary results tonight brought back warm memories of the 2008 South Carolina Democratic primary. I was a voter protection lawyer for the Obama campaign assigned to a majority-black rural area southeast of Columbia. The voters were proud of their role in helping to elect America’s first black President. After the polls closed, we returned ... »

Andrew Sullivan gets it

Andrew Sullivan is one of the most articulate, perceptive observers of politics. He was right in 2008 and he’s right now.Andrew Sullivan: How Obama’s Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics – The Daily Beast »

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