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downloadMatt Flamm is a longtime progressive activist and organizer. He volunteered for Sen. Eugene McCarthy’s 1968 Presidential campaign at the age of 14. Matt participated in protests against the Vietnam War and for the rights of farmworkers to unionize. He worked on several local campaigns including Bill Singer’s 1975 campaign for Mayor of Chicago. He also helped his mother, Lola Flamm, in her 1974 campaign for Cook County Clerk.

After moving to Palatine in 1987, Matt became active with the Palatine Township Democrats. Matt has served as a deputy to Township Committeeman Sue Walton. Under her leadership, the Palatine Democrats have become competitive in national, state, and local elections. Matt ran for Palatine Township Highway Commissioner in 2005 and for State Representative in 2010. Although he was not elected, he helped identify and organize Democrats in Palatine Township.

Matt volunteered for Melissa Bean’s first campaign for Congress in 2002 and worked on her four subsequent campaigns. Representative Bean showed that a Democrat can attract votes from moderate, independent suburban voters and can win in a district previously dominated by Republicans.

Matt met then-State Senator Barack Obama at a Palatine Democrats meeting in April 2003. Matt went to Springfield in February 2007 for Sen. Obama’s announcement of his campaign for President. As an organizer for the 2008 Obama campaign, he led teams of northwest suburban volunteers to Iowa, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Matt helped organize Northwest Suburbs of Chicago for Obama, which became one of the largest grass-roots pro-Obama groups in the country.

In 2009, Matt worked with Health Care for America Now (HCAN) to organize demonstrations in support of the Affordable Care Act. He was an organizer for the 2012 Obama re-election campaign, again leading northwest suburban volunteers to Iowa and Wisconsin.

The Palatine and Wheeling Township Democratic Organizations presented Matt with their prestigious Jim Hightower Organizing Award in 2011.

Most recently, Matt helped organize Northwest Suburbs Organizing for Action (NWSOFA), a nonpartisan volunteer group committed to progressive change, and helped organize actions in support of gun violence prevention, comprehensive immigration reform, health care reform, and efforts to combat the effects of climate change.

Matt has been married for over thirty years to Betty Flamm and has two daughters. He is a business and real estate attorney and a member of the law firm of Flamm, Teibloom & Stanko, Ltd. He is a former Chair of the Real Estate Taxation Committee and a member of the Election Law Committee of the Chicago Bar Association.

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