Apply NOW to vote by mail

Apply now to vote by mail

Any registered voter can vote by mail. You can apply online for a mail ballot now. The last day to apply for a mail ballot is March 15, 2018. Click on this link and then follow the on-screen instructions. If you prefer, you can click here to print out an application for a mail ballot in English, Spanish, Hindi, Korean, or Chinese. You can print it out, complete it, and mail it to the County Clerk.

When you receive your ballot, follow the instructions to complete it. You must mail your ballot by March 20th, but don’t wait until the last minute. Please mail it within a few days after you receive it. That’s the best way to make sure your vote counts.

Voting by mail is the easiest way to vote. It will take you one minute to apply online. You'll receive you ballot in the mail in early March. You can study the candidates, complete the ballot at your convenience, and mail it back to the County Clerk. No need to make time to go to a polling place, find parking, and stand in line. And if you realize you don't know who to vote for for some of the down-ballot races, you can look it up before mailing your ballot. You can't do that in a voting booth.

In fact, three states do ALL their voting by mail. No polling places, no early voting sites, and no election judges. I have written a study of "Universal Vote by Mail." You can read it at Let me know what you think.

For information on all the ways to vote, go to

The Resistance Comes to Palatine

UPDATED 2/6/17, 10:00PM: Our demonstration in Palatine Saturday was highlighted on Rachel Maddow's show this evening. 

Also, Greg Hinz published a column in Crain's Chicago Business today titled "Time for Roskam to show up and meet with his critics" and featuring video from Saturday's protest.


On Saturday, February 4th, more than 500 constituents demonstrated outside the office of the Palatine Township Republican Organization where Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL6) spoke only to Republicans who agree with him. The protest was organized by the Palatine After March Action Group, Action Sixth District Illinois, 6th District of Illinois - Holding Rep. Peter Roskam Accountable,  Northwest Suburbs Organizing for Action (OFA), and other groups.

Channel 2 News covered today’s demonstration. They ran it on both the 5:00 and 10:00 news and posted it online:

I took a much less professional video that shows the size of the crowd:

Roskam tried to escape out the back door.

Many other media covered the event:

My open letter to the Daily Herald

The front page of Friday’s Daily Herald (10/14/16) featured a story titled “Trump alleges ‘conspiracy’ behind claims," in which you gave uncritical publicity to Donald Trump’s demagogic and unsubstantiated paranoia. Late in the same story, you included two paragraphs on page 11 (with no headline) referring to Michelle Obama’s brave, emotional, and true speech the same day rejecting Trump’s hatred. The First Lady’s speech deserved to be heard by every American. Sadly, you and other media chose instead to give Trump more undeserved publicity and a forum for his destructive lies.

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