Lights for Liberty organizer & speakers join GPAD at July 22 Meeting on Detention Centers and Local Organizing

GPAD wins "Most Patriotic" Award at 2019 Palatine Fourth of July Parade!!!

Hey! Who is the most patriotic organization in Palatine??? According to the Palatine Jaycees, organizers of the Palatine Fourth of July Parade??? That's right-- US!! Greater Palatine Area Democrats!!! We won "Most Patriotic" entry in the 2019 Palatine Parade!!!!

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Summertime Is the Best Time for Talking to Friendly Dems and Progressives! Sign up to Canvass July 27!

Real quotes from Democratic voters in Palatine: "I like what the Democrats are doing." "Fair Tax? Is that the progressive income tax? Oh yes, I'm all for that." "I'm glad Pritzker signed the law keeping detention centers out of Illinois. We need immigrants!"

These are just some of the comments from voters I talked to last month as part of this summer's canvassing for local issues. It was super fun to get out into the sunshine and visit with friendly Democrats and Progressives and talk with them about their concerns on local issues. It's a great way to take the pulse of Team Blue in the Greater Palatine Area. I felt energized by my time canvassing--doing real work to reach other folks in town who share the same values. Many, many thanks to Patrick Watson, Democratic State Central Committeeman IL06, and Illinois Sixth District Democrats for helping GPAD organize. Go out and canvass!! Sign up here!!

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