We're Writing Postcards to Wisconsin on Presidents' Day Weekend! Join us!!

In the summer of 2018, I received a postcard from a nice, random Democrat in California, urging me to vote in the midterms. It was so cheery! It connected

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Does Compassion and Implicit Bias Have a Place in Justice? Jan. 27 Conversation with Candidates for Illinois Supreme Court and Appellate Court

What role does compassion play in justice? What about implicit bias? What is the state of justice in Illinois? Voters will be deciding on the next member of the Illinois Supreme Court. On Jan. 27, candidates for that open state Supreme Court seat and candidates for the Appellate Court will be in Palatine for a conversation about how to make Illinois more just for every person. Sign up here to meet the women and men who want to bring real justice to all of Illinois.

We're watching the Iowa Debate!

We're with our friends from Northwest Suburbs Organizing for Action Indivisible, We the People, Illinois Sixth Congressional District Democrats, as well as Progressives and Democrats from the Northwest Suburbs, watching the Democratic Presidential debate in Iowa!Β 

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