Legislative and Judicial Candidates Join GPAD for 2019 Holiday Party

'Twas a week or so after the deadline for nominating petitions, and the GPAD Holiday Party offered candidates and volunteers a chance to relax and enjoy the season. On this night we indulged in friendly conversations, good food and camaraderie. Rest up now, folks, because in a few short weeks it will be January. As in January 2020. That means we all will be hitting the pavement for candidates for the 2020 Primary on March 17, and then helping campaigns as we head to Nov. 3, the General Election--a most highly anticipated General Election. But not yet --for now we'll be spending time with our families and friends and praying for peace in our world.

Dec. 9 GPAD Holiday Party for Volunteers and Local Campaigns! RSVP! Right Now!

It's time to celebrate! We've worked hard this fall, gathering thousands of ballot signatures across the township, cross-checking with databases and finally submitting nominating petitions to the Elections Board so that we can VOTE for DEMOCRATS and PROGRESSIVES at the March 17 Primary! So let's eat pizza and have fun with your friends at Greater Palatine Area Democrats! RSVP! Right Here! Right Now! Do it by Dec. 2!



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Oct. 28 GPAD Meeting: Learn How This Bill Sitting There on Capitol Hill Can Restore Our Democracy When It Becomes A Law

On Monday, Oct. 28, GPAD is holding a public meeting at Palatine Library so we can all learn about the "Restoring Our Democracy" bill. In January the new Congress introduced the Bill,  H.R. 1. This Bill (yes now it's only a Bill) has another name: "For the People Act of 2019." And it is full of delightful measures to expand voter registration, improve election security and government ethics. And expand the ban on foreign nationals contributing money to influence our elections. Because sometimes, there oughta be a law.


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