March 7 Meet Clayton Harris III, for State's Attorney

At our March 7 Monthly Volunteer Meeting we'll have a conversation with Clayton Harris III, the endorsed Democratic Candidate for Cook County State's Attorney, AND we'll have a discussion of the opportunities to volunteer for the Democratic Convention in Chicago this summer. Please sign up here.

Vote for Mariyana Spyropoulos for Clerk of the Circuit Court and Vote for Justice

Volunteers for Greater Palatine Area Democrats gave a warm welcome to Mariyana Spyropoulos, candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court (above, in the center in the blue blazer) at our monthly volunteer meeting on Feb. 1. We learned about what's at stake in this particular election, and how creating and maintaining a professional, responsible, and efficient Clerk of the Court system is really a matter of justice. Remember to vote in the March 19 Primary and to Vote Blue All the Way Through!!

Justice in Cook County: Meet Mariyana Spyropoulos, Candidate for the Clerk of the Court

The Cook County Court System is one of the world's biggest consolidated courts in the world. The Clerk of the Court has a big role in making sure justice is not denied to someone because of a paperwork error. Mariyana Spyropoulos is running to be Clerk of the Court in a hotly contested Democratic primary race. Come meet her and find out why she is the best choice for clerk.  We'll also talk about what GPAD will be doing to help Get Out the Vote for the March 19 Democratic Primary, and how you can help us reach more Democrats!  Sign up here:

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