March with Congressmen Mike Quigley, Raja Krishnamoorthi, State Reps Mark Walker and Nabeela Syed, Cook Co. Commissioner Scott Britton, AND GPAD in the St. Pat's Parade in Palatine on March 11!

Congressmen Mike Quigley and Raja Krishnamoorthi, AND State Reps. Mark Walker and Nabeela Syed, AND Cook County Commissioner Scott Britton and MORE are marching with Greater Palatine Area Democrats in the March 11 Palatine Durty St. Pat's Parade, sponsored by Durty Nellies!! Join us and help carry banners, hand out shamrock temporary tattoos, or just wave to the St. Patrick's Day crowd. Come out and have fun on a great Saturday in Palatine! Kindly sign up here.

GPAD rallies with Raja to SAY NO to cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid!

Greater Palatine Area Democrats was proud to be a co-sponsor of last week's rally to SAY NO! to Republicans who want to sunset Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Education Funding, held in Elk Grove Village and organized by Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi. A small crew of GPAD volunteers braved an afternoon snowstorm to attend the rally. With Republicans controlling the U.S. House, there is no guarantee that these long-funded programs will be protected. Generations of Americans have paid into Social Security, with the good will of the U.S. Government standing behind a promise to help Americans in their old age. And Medicare is critical for seniors as well. Federal dollars spent on education has enormous positive outcomes--if federal education dollars are cut by just 10 percent, academic achievement drops seven percent, and graduation rates drop by three percent. Medicaid is also vulnerable--that's the state-federal health program that covers 90 million Americans, mostly children and the elderly, especially families with disabled children. Call local and federal officials and tell them NO to cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or Education Funding.

Say NO to cuts to Social Security and Medicare! Rally Thursday, Feb. 16

Did you see how President Biden ROCKED the State of the Union address last week? He let Americans see how much he fights for the middle class--and how the other side has members who have suggested putting Social Security and Medicare up for a vote every five years. We need to send a clear message that we the people won't stand for Republicans cutting programs that Americans have worked for and earned over decades. Join us this Thursday for a rally with Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, Congressman Jonathan Jackson, and Democrats across the Northwest Suburbs! Kindly sign up here.

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