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NPR tried to find small business owners

NPR tried to find small business owners who would be adversely affected by higher taxes. They couldn’t find any! »

Obama’s 2002 Iraq speech

As the US completes its withdrawal from Iraq, re-watch Barack Obama’s 2002 speech opposing the Iraq war. »

President Obama addresses economic unfairness

“Yesterday, in Kansas, President Obama gave a speech foretelling his 2012 campaign. The theme this time is economic division — perhaps better known as inequality.” Ezra Klein, The Washington Post. Take the time to watch or read the whole speech — it’s excellent: What a Fair Shot at Success Means | The White House »

The birthers return (ugh!)

A good friend forwarded an email he received from his cousin claiming that President Obama wasn’t born in the US and urging “patriotic Americans” to circulate it to everyone they know. Here’s the response I sent him. Feel free to copy it in whole or in part if you get similar emails. —————————————... »

How to really balance the budget

Ezra Klein has a perceptive analysis of the “failure” of the Supercommittee. If the Republicans continue to say “no” to everything President Obama proposes, the result will be a big tax increase in January 2013 when the Bush tax cuts expire and automatic cuts in both defense and social spending. The budget will be balanced, and we can then have a discussion about what servi... »

Cut Defense Spending

When you hear dire warnings about the effect of cutting the defense budget, don’t believe it. This tells why. Cut defense spending By Fareed Zakaria, CNN Everyone in Washington this week is having a nightmare about a guillotine. I’m talking about the proposed cuts to the Defense Department. If the Congressional super-commission cannot agree on ways to r... »

Watch “Hot Coffee”

‎”Hot Coffee” is a great documentary exposing the campaign of lies seeking to destroy our civil justice system. The director, Susan Saladoff, was interviewed on The Colbert Report. I encourage you to watch her and the documentary. Susan Saladoff on The Colbert Report »

Mitt Romney, the job destroyer

As Mike Huckabee said in 2008, voters want a candidate who reminds them of the guy they used to work with, not the guy who fired them. After Mitt Romney Deal, Company Showed Profits and Then Layoffs Mitt Romney’s business career is a cornerstone of his campaign. But his brand of capitalism had human costs and some messy financial consequences. »

It’s time to abolish townships

The Sun-Times is right: it’s time to abolish townships. Editorial: It’s time to eliminate township governments – Chicago Sun-Times For 50 years, this page has called for the abolishment of township government in the Chicago area, so far with no takers. Now something may be happen­ing. This week, Evanston officials told the city’s staff to draw up a referendum for next ... »

The Party of the Rich

Read the first 4 paragraphs of this story — they will amaze you. Then read the rest of the story. Even Ronald Reagan’s disciples are disgusted by what’s happened to their party. How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich | Politics News | Rolling Stone »